Thursday, January 23, 2014

Merino Sleep Sacks

Since our little man was only a few weeks old, he has been sleeping in sleep sacks. When he was in the hospital, the nurses did a fantastic job of keeping him swaddled, but however, once we got home we realized how hard it was to make a good baby burrito. He wiggled himself out of it time after time, no matter how tight we thought we had it. Loves to move! But we needed something to keep him warm in his crib at night. When I heard about Merino sleep sacks, I was willing to give it a try since our tall boy was about to outgrow his others. 

I love his new sleep sack. It is a little heavier than the ones he was using, making it great for winter. They are made of a luxurious merino wool, which is good for regulating babies body temperatures. This particular one makes getting in and out of it easy- and I just noticed there is an option for using in the car as well if necessary. He loves his little sleep sack and knows it's bedtime when it comes down to the crib and his sleep sack. There is plenty of room for movement {necessary for him!} and definitely room for growth since these are designed for babies 0-2 years old. That is a long time in the baby clothing world! Most everything else he outgrows in a matter of months. This is the one we got and he is loving it! 

Is your baby a sleep sack lover like ours? I definitely think these are worth a try if you are looking for something long term for your sweets to sleep in! 


Susan Hillmann said...

Look at that cutie pie……and the sleep sack looks so comfy!

Chelsea said...

Our Little one loves the miracle blanket. We had the same problem, she would get out of any swaddle.. He is so cute:)

Nat said...

I'm going to have to look into these- Miller out grows everything so fast and these sound great for winter.

BeckyJo606 said...

These are so cute! We have spent a small fortune on the Aden + Anais ones, but this would've been so awesome. I'm glad there are other babies out there that love their sleep sacks like H :)