Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anniversary/A Day in the Life Recap

Instead of just showing you a few pictures from our anniversary, I thought it would be fun to document what really goes into getting ready for a date night these days. Well, this was our first real date night since baby so call me a novice! For me, it's pretty much impossible to get ready in less than two hours while feeding a hungry baby and keeping him occupied as well. So, I started the process in the morning. Now keep in mind, I did not include every time he ate and napped, but just so you know we are working on about a 2 (or 3, if we are lucky) hour schedule. Also, I should add...I can't feed him or change him with out major cuddles and naps on my chest so wherever you see a gap in time, that is what I was busy doing!

7 AM
We are up for the day. Breakfast consumed quickly and efficiently- lately its been Frosted Mini Wheats in bed. Stephen rushes to get ready and help as I get Weeks fed, changed and happy. I also try to squeeze in the first load of laundry for the day.

9 AM 
A five minute shower minus washing my hair. Ain't nobody got time for that today.

9:15 AM
Time for a Tan Towel. I have been using these babies for years. My choice of a self tanner if you are looking for an all over glow. If I just want to add some color to my arms or legs, I go with this. I also usually use the Tan Towel the night before, but I didn't have the energy/motivation to do it the previous night, so day of it was.  Quick decision for lululemon shorts and tennis shoes to wear today.

11 AM
I asked Stephen's Mom to come watch Weeks while I run a few errands. On the list of things to get: an anniversary card, changing pad liners for Weeks, lunch for us, random beauty buys/cheap thrills from the drug store.

12 PM
Since Weeks was born, Stephen has brought us lunch almost every day. I wanted to treat Stephen on our anniversary to a lunch at home so while I was out I grabbed what I needed for Turkey Reubens on the panini press, and potato salad. Weeks takes a nap on the couch when Stephen gets home and gets some Daddy time while I fix lunch.
My turkey reubens: oven roasted turkey, baby swiss cheese on white bread, served with lite thousand island dressing to dip in. Simple and delish. I'm not a fan of rye bread!

1:00 PM
Folding laundry, snuggling with Weeks and taking a few minutes to plop down on the couch.

 2:30-3:30 PM
Time to multitask. First, I took Weeks on a walk for a little exercise and sunshine. Once we got back I brought our neglected dogs outside to enjoy the beautiful weather as well. At the same time, I got to sit in my beach chair, soak up some sun and paint my nails. I painted one hand at a time to ensure the ability to pop a paci in if needed. Essie's Poppy Art Pink was today's choice.


What was my baby doing? Sleeping oh-so-sweetly.

Snuggling my baby and picking up things around the house. We go through an unprecedented amount of burp cloths a day here! I also find the wet towel from his bath the night before still sitting in the sink. I swear I used to have a clean house!

4:45 PM
At the last minute, I decide I have to take another shower after being outside plus having used a tan towel. Hopefully, my tan won't wash away but I have to feel clean. Stephen is off work early so he can help watch Weeks while I attempt to get ready in record time.

4:55 PM

5:10 PM
Curl my hair

5:30 PM
We are supposed to be leaving and I am just beginning to look for something to wear. Yes Katie, something other than yoga pants tonight.

5:45 PM
Stephen's parents have arrived, Weeks is happily napping and I make sure to grab the last minute makeup fixes for the car ride {again, multitasking!} We are on our way y'all!

6:00 PM
We get the chance to sit down and relax with a glass for his and hers at a local wine bar.

We had never been there before and it was so nice to just sit back and relax for a few minutes with some good music and a laid back atmosphere.

6:45 PM 
We ended up calling and moving our reservation back 15 minutes to give us a little more time. We should know that being at least 15 minutes late is the way we roll these days! Stephen has roses waiting on the table when we get there. I love that man.


We have gone to the same restaurant each year to celebrate our anniversaries- there is an unbeatable waterfront view- perfect for watching boats go by and watching the sunset. The food is pretty incredible too! 

To end the night, cuddles with this one. Perfection! 

As you can see- a long day, but so worth it! 


megan said...

Love this post on how to juggle baby and hubby at the same time! Glad y'all enjoyed your anniversary! :)

Samma said...

Happy anniversary- you look beautiful!

pam {simple details} said...

Yep, life is pretty sweet! You two look so happy (to be relaxing with some wine)! :)

CALLIE said...

What a perfect little day! So happy for you two :)

Mandy said...

This is soon to be my life and I cannot wait! sounds like the perfect day to me and Happy Anniversary!

Laura | Our Life in the Queen City said...

such a sweet post! happy anniversary! xoxo

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Awesome post idea - funny how anniversaries change over the years, right?! You guys are just the sweetest. I love that photo of you both at the wine bar.

Mrs. Type A said...

Great post! Good to see how you managed it and made it look tough but doable and joyful!

Carolina Charm said...

What a sweet anniversary. You both look so great and that hubs of yours is such a keeper! Cheers to another amazing year!

Nat said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love seeing your daily routine now that Weeks is in the picture!

Colleen Sullivan said...

You are busy busy busy! Sadly, I think my days look pretty much the same. Always on the go.

Happy Anniversary!

PS> I used to have a clean house too!

Pris said...

what a wonderful day! You all look like the happiest family! Congratulations!

Val said...

Baby boy is so cute!!!! I'm so happy for you.

Randi said...

Congratulations!! You look so pretty and Weeks is a Doll!! xoxo

Nancy said...

Weeks is so precious and you two are looking so happy! Enjoy every minute.
xo Nancy

In the Pink said...

Happy anniversary sweet girl!