Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas for the Kids!

Good news y'all...plenty of things are still shipping in time for Christmas! Saturday morning while sitting in bed sipping on coffee and feeding the baby, I ran through my list of gifts in my head for the kids and did some more last minute ordering. It was all here by 12 pm Monday. Super quick! I also have picked out some toys locally which are probably my favorites but these are the ones that I am able to find online {once again, reminding you to shop your local stores!! :) }

Alongside toys, we also are asking for some super useful things the kids need for their rooms and what not! Weeks needs a pair of nightstands for his big boy room, which I am so excited about. Matching nightstands...yes please! I don't even have a pair of those! Frances Ann needs some new shades for her room and we are thinking about wooden mini blinds for her. I loved the look of the bamboo shades in our last house, but the wooden minis might work just fine here! She also has been using a wooden antique high chair which is fine but sometimes I would prefer her to be in a really up to date, sturdy chair with no wonky straps- I like this one! Just seems simpler that way even if the new ones aren't as appealing to the eye. Also needed- a new sleepsack for the the next size up. 

FA is obsessed with tags and so a taggies doll is very appropriate. Also, very into anything that might look like a phone or computer- hence the pink tablet. My, she has learned quick! We also think its a great time to go ahead with the pink trike that she can grow into. So cute.

Fun stuff- a power wheels jeep for my boy {they come with remote controls for parents!} although the one that we ordered is now showing up as $900 which we def did not pay! He also is getting an amazon fire from Mimi and Pop Pop. He has always loved vtech toys and we get a kick out of that cute voice on everything! This play doh set is a great deal too!


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KatiePerk said...

That tablet has been an awesome present for Sarah Sterling. The warranty on it is fab, and she adores the PBS app!