Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Time to Organize

time to organize

So, the Christmas has all been packed away neatly in the attic {I splurged on tons of new ornament storage containers last year!} and it got me thinking about the rest of the house. This is definitely the time of year that I like to start fresh and begin my Spring cleaning of sorts. In order to make our room transitioning work {read a little about the rundown here}, then we absolutely have to purge and organize everything from our closets and cabinets, to the common areas like the counters and desk tops. 

I dream of one of those beautiful closets like every other woman, but until that happens, I have to work with what I have. One thing I already ordered is a set of these shoe boxes to store my off season shoes. Heck, if I really like them, I might get them for my in season shoes too. They also come i in bigger boxes for taller heels and boots as well. I grabbed a few sweater boxes that I might start out with some summer things, but they will hold my large collection of scarves come summer time.

Getting new office supplies to keep organized is sort of like getting new workout gear for being inspired to workout! I always enjoy new pens, clean and cute ways to store them, and anything acrylic fits the bill. These would be a great start!

Last but not least, I love having ample storage bins for behind the scenes and not. Keeping things tidy in the cabinets makes for finding things easier and looking neat. We can't seem to have enough baskets and bins around, we probably have them in each room. Not pictured above, but I love this basket line as well, which Weeks has in his room: one for laundry and one for toys.

Any tried and true organization favorites of yours?

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Samma said...

I just cleaned out my kiddos' closets. I doesn't look pretty, but those stacked Sterilite bins labeled with sizes and gender in neat stacks sure makes my day. I'm tackling my closet next. It's going to be a doozy.