Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pregnancy Style 1: Current Favorites

I thought it would be fun to do a feature every now and then on pregnancy style. I swear there are even much better options now than there were three years ago, and at affordable prices! I really don't mind buying some maternity clothing because this is a time I want to feel as good as I can in what I am wearing, whether that means buying something with a "maternity" label on it or not. Truth is, I think once you really have a bump you need the length of maternity tops, unless you are wearing a tunic style or oversized. Right now, I am still wearing most of my regular clothing but I am slowly adding in things here and there. 

So on a normal day at home, I am wearing something really similar to this:

 {I own this pair of similar tennis shoes, similar and SO comfy!}
I just ordered these leggings because I could use a pair for every day of the week...that is all I really want to wear #sorrynotsorry! I also own these leggings {not maternity, flattering, BEST ever!} which are still fitting fine, although I'm sure that won't last much longer than a month, or two, if I'm lucky.

pregnancy style

I see the chambray shirt as being a real work horse in your maternity wardrobe! It would be perfect to wear now with leggings and then wear it into the Spring with white jeans or even shorts. I just picked this tunic on a Target run yesterday and I love it! It is so soft and the color is actually so much prettier in person, right on point for this seasons hot blush color. I lived in the Gap Pure Body tops with Weeks, and I have already bought a couple for this time around too. Get them in all your basic colors for easy everyday tops and for layering. Trust me, they are amazing.

 audra maternity dress, more sizes here, in navy here
This dress is so cute!! You cannot beat this LBD. It would be so nice to have one dress you can change the look with accessories from statement necklaces, to a scarf to dress it down, to tall boots or even heels! It also comes in navy for those that don't need black! 

Perfectly preppy with adorable red stripes. Totally looks like something I would wear pregnant or not. I love this and would wear it now through Spring and Summer. 

Any other pregnant readers out there with some favorites for me? 


Dana said...

I just hit 20 weeks and I feel so frustrated with all clothing! I'm still at the awkward between my regular clothes being too small and maternity pants being too big! Love all your picks!

Ashley Carole (Sweet Carolina Belle) said...

Target has been my favorite for comfy pants and jeans. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Old Navy's maternity line as well.

Meghan said...

Have you tried The lularoe line yet? They have leggings tunic and a Julia dress that works great while pregnant. I have a good friend who is a consultant. Her Facebook page is shop lularoe with Jen peters. I don't think I'm friends with you on FB or I'd add you. Congrats to you and Stephen on your new bundle.

Lisa@BrandCruz said...

Great job! I'm pinning this and really hope I will need it someday before too very long. :-) Oh, and congrats .
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