Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Back from Vacay + Prime Day!

So I'm sure if you follow me on instagram, you are well aware where we went for our family vacation the past five days. We spent an amazing five days at The Greenbrier in West Virginia with Stephen's family. There was something for everyone and endless eye candy in the form of gardens, interior design, golf courses, tasty food and drinks, and natural landscapes. It was truly wonderful and we had such a hard time leaving. Of course, when we finally arrived home after the long car ride, it was so nice to be home. I took A TON of pictures because I am so excited to share on here how beautiful the resort was, and for our memories, but also I took them because I would love to do some paintings based on some of my favorite spaces there. I can't wait to share! The good news is, the camera and the resort itself did the work so I shouldn't need a bunch of editing. I still have pictures from our anniversary trip to The Grove Park Inn, plus many more occasions I have fallen behind on posting...maybe one of these days I will catch up! :) 

Ok, so in the meantime, I am going to be browsing the Prime Day sale for the next hour or so. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you are eligible for the exclusive deals that are only available today. Yes, a few more hours! Luckily, you can sign up quickly here if you are not, and if you are already a member...well, you know how easy it is to shop and check out. 

I started my membership right after Weeks was born and haven't look back since. Back then, I mainly was ordering baby items {diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, nipples, cups, etc} and since then I have expanded into buying so much more. I actually don't buy a ton of every day items there at the moment, but more so things that are harder to find in a small town. I am looking into the "Pantry deal" where you can fit a bunch of items in one box for flat fee. Here is a random, but true list of what I have purchased in the last two months.

-Oakley Sunglasses {Stephen's birthday}
-iGrill thermometer {Stephen's birthday}
-Color Proof Leave in Conditioner {smells like cake batter!}
-Soy Tri-Wheat Conditioner Spray {what can I say, I like conditioner?!}
-Ikea Ritva Curtains {I needed them in a pinch and the closest Ikea is 5 hours away!}
-Freya Beach Candy Swimsuit Top and Bottom {not prime, but free shipping!}

Other times, I am spending my money on various home improvement items that might be hard to find. I've bought a tile transformation kita robe hook, a great scrub brush and even a paint sprayer

Anyway, back to the sale- there are various deals that are supposed to be comparable to Black Friday, and you can check them out here. Clothing and shoes and jewelry, 30% off here! I will be browsing along with you! Have a great night :)

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