Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tailgate Menu Number Two

We had a birthday party to celebrate for my Dad, brother (and a 6 month birthday for Weeks!) so we centered the menu around buffalo chicken - something all the men love.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders (see below)
Vegetables with Ranch Dip
Smoked Chicken Wings
Creamy Feta Dip wth Jalapenos
Savory Saltine Crackers

We served the dip with pita chips, but like the recipe suggested it would be a nice bite with some kalamata olives as well. If you are a feta lover, you will love this dip. My only complaint is we took the whole dip out there, when we could have saved half of it at home. It makes a lot! The feta is a nice complement to the chicken that packs some heat. The other crackers you see below are the savory saltine crackers I mentioned last week. You can find their seasonings here. So easy and SO good!


4-6 chicken breasts, boneless
1 bottle hot sauce (Mild Texas Pete)
1 pkg dry ranch dressing packet
Mix hot sauce and ranch dressing together in a bowl, place chicken in crock pot, pour sauce mix over chicken, cook on low 6-8 hours
Shred with a fork
Serve on Hawaiian rolls and ranch dressing
Add a little more sauce before serving if necessary.

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Nat said...

These all sound delicious!!