Monday, September 16, 2013

Photo Light Box

One thing I really enjoy is photography. Truth be told, I am not the best person to read up on my manual and learn things. I am more of a trial and error shooter. I would love to take a class sometime in the future to further my knowledge on my Christmas present last year - my Canon Rebel. 

I was thrilled when The LA Shop sent me a photo box light kit to review a while ago. I had the best time with it taking photos- with out a glare! I played around photographing a few small objects, like this sweet pair of madras shoes. Aren't they precious? Too bad sweet boy only got to wear them once before he grew out of them!

I have also made a few watercolor prints that I enjoyed photographing in the light box. A favorite quote of mine....
Glare free on the glass!

This is similar to the print I made for Weeks' nursery. I had several contacts about my print from the nursery post so I played around and made a few more! 
If anyone is interested in purchasing it framed, it is $36 plus $5 shipping. Please email me.

The LA Shop has a ton of merchandise I don't even know where to start. Gadgets galore, I could get lost looking at those types of things for hours. And bonus, you can use code BLOGGERS for a 10% discount! PS-if you are an etsy shop owner, I think this type of thing would be so useful for accurate color of your items.

Thanks again to the LA Shop for sending me such a fun item!

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