Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Third Trimester Essentials

Third Trimester Essentials

I wanted to share what was essential to me for my last trimester of my pregnancy. I enjoy reading these lists and always find them useful, so I hope this can help someone who is expecting or plans to be in the future.

My favorite leggings that I wore way, way too much were these Be Maternity leggings from Target. I think I might have worn them every other day at one point? I ordered a size up because I can't stand leggings that are the tiniest bit too tight. I actually threw them away last week because they were so picked and worn I couldn't bear to look at them anymore! Ha!

I was active my entire pregnancy, but I didn't start the Pure Barre DVD until the very last trimester. I swear this kept me in great shape. I can go into more detail on fitness if anyone is interested, but this is key!

It gets really old ordering a plain water every time you dine out, so I started drinking sparkling water to make me feel a little more special. I bought it to enjoy at home too, and had it almost every night towards the end. Calorie free and ups your water intake for the day!

I used Mustela Double Action Stretch Mark Cream every night starting in the second trimester- it smells so good and seemed to do the trick! It is pricey and I'm still using the last of my bottle. I also rotated with Johnsons Baby Creamy Oil and Coconut Oil.

Snacking was big for me and I love these Ritz Cracker Snacks- with a little bit of peanut butter for a tiny protein addition, and of course chocolate doesn't hurt for a sweet fix. They are so good and easy to throw in your bag.

I wore a ton of scarves to mix up my outfits that seemed to be on repeat every week. Lilly Murfee scarves are my all time favorite and I have accumulated quite a collection. They instantly polish and brighten an otherwise plain outfit. 

Those are my essentials for the last trimester of pregnancy, to make things just a little better as you await your little one! To see my list of essentials for the second trimester, see here. What were your pregnancy essentials?



Alex said...

Great list! It seems scarves are the way to go to mix up outfits especially towards the end of pregnancy when you can find yourself wearing the same old outfits because they are the only ones that fit anymore!

Bump to Baby

Sarah Karp said...

Please do go into more detail on fitness during pregnancy! I'd love to hear what worked for you because you certainly looked FABULOUS the entire pregnancy!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I'd wear those leggings now and I'm not even pregnant! Ha!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I have 2 pairs of gap maternity leggings and a pair from Motherhood. I love the ones from gap, they are super soft and thick. and like you, I'm pretty much wearing them everyday because they are the only thing that's comfortable! I'll have to check out the fitness DVD. I've been doing the Lindsay Brin workout but I'm always up to try new things:)

Nat said...

I love my Be Maternity leggings- so comfy!