Friday, May 20, 2016

Nursery Notes & Special Artwork

The nursery has been revealed and we are anxiously awaiting baby girl's arrival. Since I didn't go into much detail on the reveal post, I thought I would mention some special details about her nursery that I left out!

First of all, this pretty print just arrived from Dana at Indigo Home. I have been a follower of Dana's for a long time on instagram and totally missed that she did these beautiful prints of my very own Meredith College! Every Meredith girl is proud of her college and we all share a special connection. As soon as I saw the bright pink, I knew it was meant to be in baby girl's nursery. It has been the perfect finishing touch for this nook.

A little note about Dana- what a total sweetheart. She was so pleasant to work with and I admire her work so much. If you want to see some of the prettiest hand painted blue and white pieces, see my favorite vase here, a beautiful trivet here and ginger jar trivet here. As you all know, I am a blue and white her beautiful work is right up my alley! I love the unique finds on etsy, but when you find an artist that has such a kind personality, it makes shopping small even better.

A little detail about the wallpapered book ledges: we finished the accent wall and I had quite a bit of wallpaper leftover. I had thrown so many ideas back and forth in my mind about what could go behind the rocker and finally it all clicked at just the right time. We measured out the space we wanted to be papered, cut it, and pasted it on the wall. Next, Stephen cut trim molding to make the box around it, attaching it with a nail gun. It got caulked, patched and painted. We had the ikea shelves from Weeks' nursery and Stephen cut them down to the appropriate size. Voila! Instant art. I love this addition so much! 

I'm newly obsessed with felt flowers for a baby girl. I made several that you might have noticed in my post. They are fun and simple, but added a special touch to a few places in the nursery I needed that something else. Next up, I'm making some hair bows! 

The ribbon banner came together at the very last minute as well. I had a bag full of bows from my baby shower and put them to good use. I tied a bunch of them onto a fabric strip and added leftover buffalo check fabric strips, and excess pom pom trim. I love this punch of color and is that airy feel I needed on this side of the room, especially since we skipped the mobile this time around. 

For the original nursery reveal post with sources, see here. 


Owen Davis @ Davis Duo said...

Love all of the sweet, personal touches. Cannot wait to hear her name and see her pretty face!

Mila said...

So cozy and inviting! I also love all the personal touches :)

KatiePerk said...

Such a sweet space! I love the bookshelves.

A Simple Southern Life said...

I love all of the details! The picture is so sweet!

Unknown said...

I'm a Meredith grad too (Class of 2013) and I love that print. I've been following your blog for a few months and I'm so glad to have this connection. Your baby girl's nursery is beautiful!

Unknown said...

So pretty! The framed out book shelves are just too awesome! Thanks for sharing additional details, lady.

Erin, Attention to Darling