Friday, December 4, 2015

Gift Guide: For The Christmas Decor Lover

This was such a fun roundup to pull together! If you were to walk through my house, these things below are an accurate portrayal of the mixed style I love. A healthy dose of blue and white, metallics {mainly gold!} and a dash of whimsy. All of these would be such a fun gift to give or receive!

Christmas Lover

First things first, lets start with the blue and white! I adore this ginger jar cocktail napkin set, perfectly chic for the entertainer of all ages.  Next up, this small poinsettia framed art is so fun because you can change out the art whenever you want for a new look. It is just a magnetic frame and perfect for a print lover! How cute are the whim sheets with the snow globes? I can't decide if I want them for us...or for Weeks! I have always loved changing up my standard wine glass aroudn the holidays and I think either one of these sets are so cute:  wine glass set/4 deer and the wine glass set/4 antlers. I love that the design is subtle and etched. I can't descide which I like more, but I love the pineapple ornament and the polka dot ornament!  I love a fun frame  for the holidays and it's always fun to pull them out each year and look at the photograph from years past. Gift giving tip: go ahead and fill the frame with a cherished photograph before wrapping it up! We are all about Christmas mugs too, and this mug is just beautiful. Another gift for all ages I think!

I am wrapping up my Christmas decor this weekend and doing some other festive things. Hope you all have a great December weekend! 

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Stephanie Chalk said...

I just picked these ginger jar cocktail napkins up and love them! Xo, Stephanie