Monday, November 19, 2012

Planning Ahead: Meals and Sweet Treats

Welcome back friends! Is everyone ready for a short work week and extended long weekend? I know I am. I love a short work week!

A few weeks ago, I posted on my list of things to do to get ready for December. If you want to read that list and get organized yourself, see here. I'm happy to say I have worked on at least one thing on the list:

"8. Double a couple weeknight dinners and freeze half for busy December days
A must. I will work on planning some menus this weekend."

Last weekend, my Mom and cooked and baked up a storm. We both feel like we should have more to show for the amount of time spent in the kitchen, but we are still ahead of the game.

First up, Teriyaki Chicken:

All you have to do for this meal is chop your onions and add everything else to the bag. One recipe yields two bags/meals. Simply freeze and then cook in the crockpot! That is my kind of dinner, plus you get your veggies already added in.

Of course, we wasted no time and had our first dinner this past week. I love nothing more than an easy dinner at the end of a long day. And not having to stop at the grocery store on your way home. If you like teriyaki chicken you will love this recipe.

Next, we made FOUR coffee cakes. Yes, four. That took a good chunk of time out of our day. However, we had breakfast for the next day, two for my Mom to freeze, and then one for me freeze and take to Stephen's grandmother's on Thanksgiving. I know they will be busy and short on help, and having breakfast taken care of will be nice.

For a similar recipe see here. De-lish I could go for a piece right now.

The last thing I have prepped is cookie dough for the sugary holiday ahead of us. It is so much easier to make your dough ahead of time and freeze it. The day of, you get to enjoy making and decorating your cookies instead of mixing the dough! These are one of the cookies I am planning to make:

You've probably seen them circulating around pinterest, the link is here. The dough is made and I get to enjoy an afternoon of baking sometime soon. Oh, and I may or may not have made a dozen minus the food coloring and sprinkles to give them a test drive. They turned out perfect!

Have you done any meal prep for the Holidays just yet?

I hope you all have a great start to your Thanksgiving Week!


Sweet, Pink and Preppy said...

Freezing the cookie dough is a great idea! We're having a "cookies and cocktails" party so I will be making a lot of cookies in the near future.

KatiePerk said...

Good job!! That is awesome. I will try these recipes.

KatiePerk said...

Good job!! That is awesome. I will try these recipes.

Laurie said...

I pinned those cookies! Can't wait to try them:) I love making different cookies around the holidays!

Hannah said...

You go girl! I've been meaning to make cookie dough and put it in the freezer. I need to do a little cleaning of not only my house today, but my fridge and freezer, too. I've got lists to make and fun running around to do. XO

pam {simple details} said...

Those cookies look SO fun and yummy! Glad you tried them out for us! I'll confess I haven't done the best with my list! Maybe next week.... :)

Anonymous said...

Love those cookies! This year will be my first to bake Christmas cookies at home.

circleofchaos said...

Yummy yummy.^^
Maybe follow each other???
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la petite fashionista said...

i love your plan ahead ideas! the holidays get SO busy, anything you can do to cut down on time and enjoy them is a good plan!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I am going to have to try that terriyaki chicken recipe! Bryce and I are trying to get out of the eating out all the time habit and really cook more! Easy crock pot recipes are what I need after a long day of teaching!